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Here is a summary of the services we offer:

Problem Solving

OK, your PC is driving you mad and you’ve already had your son, your brother in law, someone your neighbour knows and the hamster look at it.  Now let us give you a free assessment of the problem and advise you of your options to have it sorted out.

Installation & Upgrade

You have some new stuff that looks a bit more complicated than you thought?  Your PC is nearly out of disk space, low on memory and it’s running like a dog? We can tell you what is needed ... order it ... and then get it all working for you.


PC Migration & Data Transfer

You finally decide the old PC needs replacing. You have a brand new PC sitting on the desk but all your files, Internet connection and email settings are on the old one.  Help!  We can move any required information & settings to your new PC.

Internet & Email

Broadband provides fast, connection to the Internet and allows the phone to be used at the same time. Costs have fallen and many homes & businesses are switching to broadband. We can help with setting up Broadband + configuring email s/w.

PC Networking & Wireless

It is now common to have two or more computers in your small business or home. But they all need to talk to the outside world.  We can help you set up a network (wired or wireless) so everyone can use the same Internet connection, Printers, files, etc.

Virus & SpyWare: Cleaning and Protection

There are some very destructive people out there with nothing better to do than create malicious software. This gets onto your PC via web sites, email attachments and just being connected to the Internet.  We can get rid of it & help prevent future attacks.


Support Services

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